To begin your logo / brand identity, please fill out this 'form' and return it by

email.  From there we can narrow down some main points about how to brainstorm

some good visuals for your new identity.

talk about brief

Once a direction gets approved for further development, we will

return to the drawing board and push the concept as far as it will go.

We may return to the research stage to present our


concepts to a select group of the target audience just to gain a scope of whether the right reaction is being achieved. Careful time is also considered to the look and appeal of designs.

ideas in pencil on paper

Please list any logos you like or provide links. Outline any colours you like  or  would  like  to  avoid.   If  you  have  any  specific  icons,  symbols, images that you would like to associate 


with your brand, please also list them. We will start with pencil sketches and proceed to black and white, when that is correct then we can apply color.


completed project

We don't just supply you with the final artwork, we will offer support and guidance through the launch of your new identity or website.

We always like to get to know clients more

personally to see how their business is developing after our work is applied to their company.